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  • Welcome to our website. During the Second World War the RAAF was a major user of the Lockheed Hudson reconnaissance/light bomber aircraft (246 examples exported by Lockheed to Australia, another 81 built for the RAF used by RAAF squadrons) and now this usage is covered in two 424 page volumes published by Vincent Aviation Publications. The purpose of this website is to provide interested parties with more information on the books, and links to other related sites. Later a mystery photo section – Hudson photos needing identification – will be aded to the Gallery. At some time in the future more details will appear on Vincent Aviation Publications next project, a photographic volume on nose art applied to USAAF and RAAF aircraft in the South West Pacific Area 1942–1945.
  • After some unexpected delays, stock of The RAAF Hudson Story Book Two is now available. For details of cost to your address, simply go to the contact page, then click on the 'email' link to request a specific costing.
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